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We work on most small engine equipment: Lawnmowers, Chainsaws, Trimmers (Weedeaters), Hedge Trimmers, Generators, etc. 

Feel free to stop by to repair your existing equipment, or take a look at the new equipment we have to offer. If you repair equipment yourself, bring us a part number or  model+serial number so we can supply you with all the parts you need for repair. Please see our Parts Lookup Page to search for a part number you are looking for as long as your know your existing equipment’s model number.

Come and see our other gardening products such as seeds, fertilizers, pruners, rakes, and more.

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If your machine doesn’t start, or starts and stops, you will probably need carburetor work done. Drop it off for repair and we will have it completed as soon as possible. Please email us for estimated turn-around time. 



Our maintenance includes a new spark plug, air filter, blade sharpening for lawnmowers, and oil change. 



For chainsaws and lawnmower blades, sharpening can be done within 15-20 minutes. For hedge trimmer blades, drop it off and pick if up the following day. We can sharpen hedge shears and axes as well. 

St. Augustine
St. Augustine
Marathon II
Marathon II
Echo 85 Silver Putt
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Feel free to call us at the number below or send us an email. 

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